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The holidays approacheth! This, of course, means it’s time to burn through some discretionary income so as to provide your near and dear with some material uplift. In the event that a righteous baseball enthusiast is among your near and dear, we’re here to help with some gift recommendations.

Lo and also behold: What follows is the 2016 baseball holiday gift guide. Within this internet dispatch you’ll find baseball-themed durable goods that, in this scribe’s judgment, would make fine presents. Also, you’re free to buy holiday presents to give to yourself, which is a true power move. So keep that in mind.

Now, let’s make with the #products …

Shirts and sweaters

Team holiday sweater via Fanatics

Sometime in the late 1990s, terrible became a merit. In keeping with the fundamental precepts of the Age of Irony, ugly holiday sweaters became an in-demand item. Thus and therefore, you see the fetching Pirates sweater above.

Star Wars-Baseball fusion t-shirt via SunFrog

The tunic you see above is evocative of the MLB logo and Luke Skywalker’s receiving some old-line discipline courtesy of his pops. It is worth your while and possibly your redeemable currency.


Team high top sneaker slippers via Fanatics

Without question, this one of my favorite things on the list this year, possibly because I live in a climate that lends itself to brandishing slippers. These are oversized, comfy, and generally terrific. Contrary to what you may have heard, every kiss begins with oversized slippers.

Team canvas shoes via Vans

Do Vans rock? No, they don’t. In point of fact, they rawk. They do that — i.e., rawk — to even greater extremes when festooned with your favorite team’s logo.

MLB Legends socks via Stance

Stance purveys the official socks of MLB, and their legends collection is most excellent. Admire above, if you will, beloved Hall of Famer and hail fellow well met Tony Gwynn in vintage Padres colors. Much like hat brims should be worn flat, socks should be worn high.


MLB team club coat via Levi’s

These are pretty cool, right? Solid looking topcoat. It calls to mind those glossy satin jobs from the 1980s, but this is a much more versatile look. Look at that guy. He loves his coat.


The Axe Bat

Give this a try, while bearing in mind that it takes some getting used to. Whether you’re a softball player or the parent of a youth baseball player (or maybe even a high-level baseball player yourself), the Axe Bat may be worth your while. The most visible difference is the “axe handle,” which is said to cut down on hamate injuries while allowing a more natural bat path through the zone. I’ve swung it a bit, and anecdotally, it does feel like it affords a smoother hand path, better bat speed, and less “roll over” with the wrists, while also abetting some whip effect. Also, since the bat features “one-sided hitting,” the hitting surface is made especially strong and bouncy — particularly on the two-piece models. Give it a shot. After all, Mookie Betts uses it.

Golden era gloves via Shoeless Joe Ballgloves

Want to have a catch (note: don’t ever really say “have a catch”) while wearing a bang-on replica of the fielder’s gloves they wore in 1949, 1925, or even 1910? Shoeless Joe Ballgloves are here for those with nowhere left to turn. Also, Shoeless Joe makes a wide complement of current-day gloves that, best of all, come to you almost fully broken in.

Wearable tech

Throwing and batting analysis sensor via motusBASEBALL

I’m the parent of a nine-year-old travel ball pitcher, and while I’m a believer in building strong arms by throwing more, not less, it’s good to have a data stream that tells you about, say, high-stress pitches. The Motus sleeve provides you with just that. The sleeve is sized for adults, but an easy hack for the youth arm is to put some adhesive velcro at the top to give it a snugger fit. The re-chargable sensor fits into a pocket of a compression sleeve and is positioned just below the funny bone. Once the sleeve is on the and the iOS app (not yet available for Android), you get a steady count of total pitches and high-stress pitches. As well, the Motus sensor tracks arm speed, arm slot, and angle of shoulder rotation. Those latter two will help you or your youth pitcher with consistent mechanics. In my experience, your kid will also get a kick out of eyeballing the numbers after each throw. There’s also a hitting interface and long-term tracking capabilities. Considering all it can do, the price point is very reasonable.


MLB prints by Prinstant Replay

I love these. Prinstant Replay has rendered a wide array of iconic baseball moments in this spare, clean, and almost Art Deco-ish look. Pretty much every franchise is represented. You see Willie Mays’ famed catch in the 1954 World Series above. Click through and check out the one devoted to Giancarlo Stanton’s performance in this year’s Home Run Derby.

Wholesome, Nutritious Alcohol

Cubs championship sparkling wine via MLBshop.com

Call it champagne if you like, but a case of this will give you the makings of your own belated clubhouse celebration. Actual clubhouse and actual cause for celebration not included.

Team craft beer flight via MLBshop.com

Drinking beer is the best way to conduct yourself up the ladder of life. Help yourself drink beer — good beer, even — with a craft beer flight that also reps your favorite team as you pour restorative, uplifting alcohol down your gullet.

Bottle opener made out of a game-used baseball via MLBshop.com

Sure, you don’t have to use the bottle opener made out of a game-used baseball to abet alcohol assumption, but what a mistake that would be.

Assorted Whimsy

MLB “Flathletes” via Clark Toys

These guys may soon be the new bobbleheads in terms of purchasing enthusiasm. Exhibit A on this front? A number of players are already sold out at this writing. Mr. Syndergaard is highlighted for his hair and prevailing sense of bemusement.

Team skateboard via Element

Do you skate? Do you like baseball? You should get a skateboard that says you like baseball in general and your favorite team in particular. Sergio Romo sometimes rides a skateboard. Did you know that?

Baseball roses via SportsCrazyMama on Etsy

Flowers are all right, but know what’s better than a flower? A flower made out of a baseball. That’s what you see above — i.e., a flower made out of a baseball. New and improved flowers, are what those are.

MLB team pants via Loudmouth Golf

These heavyweight-championship textiles make the gift guide for a second-straight year. Don’t golf? Who cares. Look at those things. Who would want them? It would be easier to compile a list of those who wouldn’t want them: no one.

Now, people, go forth and consume.


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