Roy Underwood Jr.’s 7 years on this Earth have been all about baseball.

When his parents, Roy Underwood and Michelle Underwood, tried to find church clothes for him, they realized that most of his wardrobe consists of baseball jerseys. The Underwoods have been a host family for the Hudson Valley Renegades, and the 7 year old keeps in touch with the players his family has hosted through FaceTime video messaging.

Sometimes, the Marlboro family runs into Major League relief pitcher Wade Davis in Frank’s Village Market & Deli. Davis, like the Underwood family, is a Marlboro resident and was traded from the Kansas City Royals to the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday.

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“(Roy Jr.) has eaten breakfast with him,” Roy Underwood said. “Wade always asks him how he’s doing.”

Roy Underwood Jr. is doing quite well for himself these days, as recently he was selected to participate in Baseball Youth’s All-American Games in Sanford, Florida. The tournament runs from Dec. 19-21 and features players ages 7-16 from 30 states. Roy Underwood Jr. is playing in the 9-and-under group.

Baseball Youth asked the Underwoods to compile a highlight reel of Roy Underwood Jr.’s on-the-field exploits and then submit it. After the organization’s personnel looked at it, they deemed him worthy of the competing in the tournament.

“It means a lot,” said Roy Underwood Jr., who is a middle infielder and a second grader at Marlboro Elementary School. “I’m really happy.”

The youngster is putting in plenty of work as he prepares for the tournament, too.

Even though frigid December air has bitten the Hudson Valley, Roy Underwood Jr. still practices nonstop. He attends clinics and will typically hit off a tee in the garage.

And, even when he’s not actually training, baseball never leaves his mind.

“He eats, drinks and sleeps baseball. He comes home practicing,” his father said. “He’ll walk through the house practicing his swing, doing fake ground balls and going through the motions. The kid is baseball everything.”

On top of that, Roy Underwood hears nothing but good things about his son from the coaches who have instructed him.

“Time and time again we’re told he’s a pleasure to work with,” he said.

Roy Underwood also said that anytime talk of the All-American Games comes up, his son sports an ear-to-ear smile.

For a young man who loves baseball, it’s no shock.

“I feel really good,” Roy Underwood Jr. said of playing in the tournament. “It’ll be a lot of fun.”

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