Baseball: The Game Of My Life – Youth Radio

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I’m not very good at playing baseball, but that hasn’t dampened my love of the sport.

I started playing baseball when I was eight, and the game was my life. While my friends battled with Pokemon, I collected baseball cards. I had trouble memorizing multiplication times tables, but could name at least one player from every major league baseball team.

Despite my passion for baseball, I was never really good at playing it. I was always at or near the bottom of the batting order. Other players didn’t hold back from letting me know I sucked.

Eventually, I realized that becoming a professional baseball player was not a realistic path. Maybe I could put my speaking skills to use by becoming a baseball commentator.

Sports, like music and art, are much more than the people in the spotlight. Even if you’re not the most athletic person on the field, you can still realize your dreams.


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