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Ethan Hall is only 7 years old, but he knows that the show must go on. Even when you get a pesky bout of the hiccups at the least opportune time.

Young Ethan sang the Australian national anthem during a baseball game between Brisbane and his hometown of Adelaide Friday night. The performance was Ethan’s professional league debut, Andrew Reynolds, the Digital Media Manager for the Australian Baseball League told ABC. On the way to the stadium, Ethan came down with a case of the hiccups he just couldn’t shake.

“He plays baseball himself, but it was his first time at a professional baseball game,” Reynolds said in an email.

Ethan took a few deep breaths as he prepared to sing, but not even five seconds into the song his hiccups got in the way. He didn’t give up, though, powering through more than a dozen hiccups and garnering the respect of the crowd and the commentators.

“What a lot of courage from the youngster. I mean, he could have completely fallen apart,” said one announcer as Ethan exited the pitch to high fives from the players.

Though Ethan won spectators over with that first performance, the ABL said he deserved a chance to show how impressive he can be when unhindered by hiccups.

“His return to sing the anthem is already being planned,” Reynolds said. “He’ll get his shot at redemption very very soon.”

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