Corey Feldman Rips Baseball Team — Bitch Set Me Up! –

Corey Feldman says his ill-fated performance at a minor league baseball game last month was doomed from the start … because the team had concocted a diabolical plot to humiliate him. 

You know the gig … Feldman’s band was the post-game entertainment for the State College Spikes on July 19th — a performance which the Spikes thought was so terrible, they issued an apology to their fans. 

But Feldman says HE’S the one who got the shaft — telling TMZ Sports the whole thing was a “set up” … and says the team’s G.M. launched his anti-Feldman smear campaign simply for publicity. 

Check out the clip … Corey is especially pissed because he claims the bad press cost his band a highly coveted gig at the Special Olympics. 

By the way … watch Feldman’s performance again — even if you don’t like the music, the guy sang his heart out — and ya gotta respect that. 

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