Cubs no longer the story but still a story for baseball’s postseason – Chicago Tribune

Ahab had his whale in “Moby Dick.” The newsreel reporter in “Citizen Kane” had Rosebud. For Wile E. Coyote, there always will be the Road Runner. And, going into the playoffs last year, there was the Cubs’ century-plus quest for a World Series title.

Some chases are so enduring and epic that their stories eclipse everything else around them. So it was with the Cubs, who at last in November managed to end their run of frustration and helped attract baseball’s biggest World Series TV audience in years.

But if “Transformers: The Last Knight” had a message, it’s that people in 2017 don’t necessarily want to see a sequel.

It’s not yet clear what Major League Baseball storyline or storylines the media will run with in the playoffs and World Series. There are plenty of possible threads to pick up — in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Houston and elsewhere — if the Cubs’ bid to repeat as World Series champions for the first time since 1907-08 doesn’t prove as compelling as the first go-round.


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