STAFFORD, Texas – A vigil was held at Stafford High School Sunday evening to honor Michael Mesa, the 25-year-old baseball coach who suddenly died on Friday.

The ceremony packed the stands and the baseball field, with an entire community paying tribute. 

Mesa’s fiance, Laura Nguyen, was at the vigil and sat on the field Mesa devoted his life to. 

“I lost the man that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. But you see all his brothers that come around and they’re here to be a father to my son,” said Nguyen.

Mesa suddenly collapsed and died while playing paintball with friends over the weekend.

On Sunday, the diamond was dedicated to him.

“He loved baseball and you know he didn’t make it into the pros, but he was going to spend the rest of his life doing something with baseball,” said Nguyen. 

One of the youngest high school coaches in Texas, his colleagues said he was a mentor and friend to many. 

“He was always gonna give you everything he had,” said a fellow coach. 

“Celebrate his life on the place that he loved the most with the kids that he lived and breathed for,” said Brandon Dewitt, a player. 

Nguyen said she never thought she would be raising her son alone, but plans to have him follow in his dad’s footsteps. 

“T-ball is the first step,” she said.

The season may be over, but the Spartan’s baseball team gathered one more time to say goodbye. 

“Just a great man. I’ll always be your center fielder coach,” said one player. 

The cause of death has not yet been determined.

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