Fantasy Baseball: First 12-team Head-to-Head points mock draft for 2017 –

One pick into our very first mock draft for 2017, I was already floored.

Clayton Kershaw, folks. Clayton Kershaw.

I guess I shouldn’t have been. About the time he suffered a herniated disc in late June, I had begun to think of him as the most valuable player in Fantasy Baseball and was prepared to argue for him in that top spot myself. And certainly, his return for the stretch run and the playoffs alleviated my concerns somewhat. But that’s also the sort of injury that doesn’t just go away, and with the top pick, better safe than sorry.

Of course, this wasn’t your ordinary CBS Sports draft either. Within our own four walls, we have an understanding that starting pitchers shouldn’t go that early (for reasons of durability and talent distribution) even though they tend to be high scorers in this format (sort of like quarterbacks in Fantasy Football), but not everyone holds to that standard. And when we invite owners from outside these four walls to participate — Mike Kuchera, owner of that first pick, being one — you get a draft that isn’t so self-aware.

And thus, more realistic.

In fact, Mike shook things up so much that a starting pitcher also went two picks later, which naturally made me want to rip up two weeks’ worth of rankings and start all over again.

Deep breaths.

But you know, it’s a good thing. A wider variety of approaches makes for a more interesting game, and I believe this particular approach has more merit than ever in a year when every infield position is loaded because of the record number of players who hit 20-plus home runs. I wouldn’t be willing to take it to quite that extreme, but if talent distribution used to be a reason to avoid starting pitching early, well, what do we have now? The talent fades quicker there than at second or third base. Shoot, I used three of my first five picks on starting pitchers.

Of course, that’s in a league that uses standard Head-to-Head rosters, meaning only three outfielders and no corner or middle infield spots, and a scoring system (points rather than categories) that inflates the value of starting pitchers to some degree. We’ll try it out in Rotisserie later.

A few quick observations, and then we’ll get to the picks:

  • Apart from the start of the draft, the distribution of starting pitchers was close to what I expected: a run of aces in Rounds 3 and 4 and then the onset of panic in Rounds 6 and 7. Shoot, Matt Harvey, who may not even throw a pitch in 2017 (or may end up starting the All-Star game — wide range of outcomes there), went in Round 8, to groans all around.
  • Danny Duffy was the first relief pitcher-eligible player to go off the board in Round 7, offering more upside in this format than an elite closer. But of course, it comes with more risk as well, which is why I rank Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman and Zach Britton ahead of him. They all went just a round later.
  • By the end of Round 11, a whopping 18 third base-eligible players had gone off the board. Granted, many were drafted to play other positions, but a couple were just to fill a utility spot. I honestly had no idea how it’d play out when I was ranking Maikel Franco 18th at the position (or even lower to start out) and wondering what had become of my life, but clearly, even in a league without a corner infield spot, there’s a way to make all the pieces fit. Guess you can’t wait the entire draft to commit to one, then, huh?
  • For all the depth in the infield, outfield is pretty thin, and even in a three-outfielder league, I found myself wishing I had already snatched up a second one as early as Round 7. Eventually, the supply exceeded the demand with so few spots to fill, and so you see relative values late such as Jay Bruce in Round 18, Carlos Beltran in Round 19 and Adam Duvall (who I don’t even like but felt obligated to take) in Round 21. But none of those players are winning the league for you. I would have liked to see Padres rookie slugger Hunter Renfroe go off the board, but we simply ran out of draft.
  • A couple of the more notable value picks aside from those outfielders were Chris Davis in Round 8 (in a league with Heath Cummings, no less) and Dustin Pedroia in Round 14.

Here are the participants:

1. Mike Kuchera, The Fantasy Man
2. Brian Huss, CBS Sports
3. R.J. White, CBS Sports
4. Scott White, Senior Fantasy Writer, CBS Sports
5. Bernie Pleskoff, Today’s Knuckleball
6. Heath Cummings, Senior Fantasy Writer, CBS Sports
7. Chris Towers, Fantasy Writer, CBS Sports
8. Phil Ponebshek, Patton & Co.
9. George Maselli, CBS Sports
10. Jeff Tobin, CBS Sports
11. Al Melchior, Today’s Knuckleball
12. Adam Aizer, Podcast King, CBS Sports

Round by Round
Round 1
Pick Team Player
1 Kuchera Clayton Kershaw, SP, LAD
2 Huss Mike Trout, OF, LAA
3 R.J. White Max Scherzer, SP, WAS
4 Scott White Mookie Betts, OF, BOS
5 Pleskoff Nolan Arenado, 3B, COL
6 Cummings Jose Altuve, 2B, HOU
7 Towers Kris Bryant, 3B, CHC
8 Ponebshek Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR
9 Maselli Manny Machado, 3B, BAL
10 Tobin Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, ARI
11 Melchior Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC
12 Aizer Bryce Harper, OF, WAS
Round 2
Pick Team Player
13 Aizer Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
14 Melchior Giancarlo Stanton, OF, MIA
15 Tobin Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL
16 Maselli Trea Turner, 2B, WAS
17 Ponebshek Madison Bumgarner, SP, SF
18 Towers Corey Seager, SS, LAD
19 Cummings Joey Votto, 1B, CIN
20 Pleskoff Miguel Cabrera, 1B, DET
21 Scott White Edwin Encarnacion, 1B, TOR
22 R.J. White Andrew McCutchen, OF, PIT
23 Huss Daniel Murphy, 2B, WAS
24 Kuchera Jake Arrieta, SP, CHC
Round 3
Pick Team Player
25 Kuchera Matt Carpenter, 3B, STL
26 Huss Chris Sale, SP, CHW
27 R.J. White A.J. Pollock, OF, ARI
28 Scott White Corey Kluber, SP, CLE
29 Pleskoff Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM
30 Cummings Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE
31 Towers Brian Dozier, 2B, MIN
32 Ponebshek Robinson Cano, 2B, SEA
33 Maselli J.D. Martinez, OF, DET
34 Tobin Xander Bogaerts, SS, BOS
35 Melchior Johnny Cueto, SP, SF
36 Aizer Jon Lester, SP, CHC
Round 4
Pick Team Player
37 Aizer David Price, SP, BOS
38 Melchior Nelson Cruz, OF, SEA
39 Tobin Justin Verlander, SP, DET
40 Maselli Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL
41 Ponebshek George Springer, OF, HOU
42 Towers Ryan Braun, OF, MIL
43 Cummings Buster Posey, C, SF
44 Pleskoff Jonathan Villar, SS, MIL
45 Scott White Yu Darvish, SP, TEX
46 R.J. White Jean Segura, SS, ARI
47 Huss Stephen Strasburg, SP, WAS
48 Kuchera Jose Abreu, 1B, CHW
Round 5
Pick Team Player
49 Kuchera Yoenis Cespedes, OF, NYM
50 Huss Wil Myers, OF, SD
51 R.J. White Chris Archer, SP, TB
52 Scott White Jacob deGrom, SP, NYM
53 Pleskoff Kyle Schwarber, OF, CHC
54 Cummings Starling Marte, OF, PIT
55 Towers Carlos Carrasco, SP, CLE
56 Ponebshek Cole Hamels, SP, TEX
57 Maselli Rick Porcello, SP, BOS
58 Tobin Jose Bautista, OF, TOR
59 Melchior Adrian Beltre, 3B, TEX
60 Aizer Kyle Hendricks, SP, CHC
Round 6
Pick Team Player
61 Aizer Alex Bregman, SS, HOU
62 Melchior Trevor Story, SS, COL
63 Tobin Jonathan Lucroy, C, TEX
64 Maselli Carlos Gonzalez, OF, COL
65 Ponebshek Gary Sanchez, C, NYY
66 Towers Zack Greinke, SP, ARI
67 Cummings Adam Jones, OF, BAL
68 Pleskoff Dee Gordon, 2B, MIA
69 Scott White Kyle Seager, 3B, SEA
70 R.J. White Rougned Odor, 2B, TEX
71 Huss Hanley Ramirez, OF, BOS
72 Kuchera Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI
Round 7
Pick Team Player
73 Kuchera Salvador Perez, C, KC
74 Huss Jose Quintana, SP, CHW
75 R.J. White Danny Duffy, SP, KC
76 Scott White Aledmys Diaz, SS, STL
77 Pleskoff Carlos Martinez, SP, STL
78 Cummings Danny Salazar, SP, CLE
79 Towers David Dahl, OF, COL
80 Ponebshek Eduardo Nunez, SS, SF
81 Maselli Aaron Sanchez, RP, TOR
82 Tobin Dallas Keuchel, SP, HOU
83 Melchior Julio Teheran, SP, ATL
84 Aizer Masahiro Tanaka, SP, NYY
Round 8
Pick Team Player
85 Aizer Mark Trumbo, OF, BAL
86 Melchior Kenta Maeda, SP, LAD
87 Tobin Kenley Jansen, RP, LAD
88 Maselli Zach Britton, RP, BAL
89 Ponebshek Matt Harvey, SP, NYM
90 Towers Albert Pujols, 1B, LAA
91 Cummings Gerrit Cole, SP, PIT
92 Pleskoff Aroldis Chapman, RP, CHC
93 Scott White Chris Davis, 1B, BAL
94 R.J. White Jackie Bradley, OF, BOS
95 Huss Evan Gattis, U, HOU
96 Kuchera Troy Tulowitzki, SS, TOR
Round 9
Pick Team Player
97 Kuchera Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
98 Huss Addison Russell, 2B, CHC
99 R.J. White Carlos Santana, 1B, CLE
100 Scott White Ian Kinsler, 2B, DET
101 Pleskoff Carlos Rodon, SP, CHW
102 Cummings Michael Fulmer, SP, DET
103 Towers Steven Matz, SP, NYM
104 Ponebshek Justin Upton, OF, DET
105 Maselli Evan Longoria, 3B, TB
106 Tobin J.A. Happ, SP, TOR
107 Melchior Christian Yelich, OF, MIA
108 Aizer Jason Kipnis, 2B, CLE
Round 10
Pick Team Player
109 Aizer Dellin Betances, RP, NYY
110 Melchior Seung Oh, Hwan, RP
111 Tobin Jeurys Familia, RP, NYM
112 Maselli Anthony Rendon, 2B, WAS
113 Ponebshek Todd Frazier, 3B, CHW
114 Towers Michael Brantley, OF, CLE
115 Cummings Felix Hernandez, SP, SEA
116 Pleskoff Roberto Osuna, RP, TOR
117 Scott White Jose Ramirez, SS, CLE
118 R.J. White John Lackey, SP, CHC
119 Huss Ian Desmond, SS, TEX
120 Kuchera Rich Hill, SP, LAD
Round 11
Pick Team Player
121 Kuchera Drew Pomeranz, RP, BOS
122 Huss Matt Kemp, OF, ATL
123 R.J. White Jung Kang, Ho, 3B
124 Scott White James Paxton, SP, SEA
125 Pleskoff Khris Davis, OF, OAK
126 Cummings Justin Turner, 3B, LAD
127 Towers Willson Contreras, C, CHC
128 Ponebshek Aaron Nola, SP, PHI
129 Maselli Eric Hosmer, 1B, KC
130 Tobin Miguel Sano, U, MIN
131 Melchior Tanner Roark, RP, WAS
132 Aizer Jameson Taillon, SP, PIT
Round 12
Pick Team Player
133 Aizer Stephen Piscotty, OF, STL
134 Melchior J.T. Realmuto, C, MIA
135 Tobin Ben Zobrist, 2B, CHC
136 Maselli Adam Wainwright, SP, STL
137 Ponebshek Yasmany Tomas, OF, ARI
138 Towers Kevin Gausman, SP, BAL
139 Cummings Wade Davis, RP, KC
140 Pleskoff Hunter Pence, OF, SF
141 Scott White Sean Manaea, SP, OAK
142 R.J. White Mark Melancon, RP, WAS
143 Huss Jake Lamb, 3B, ARI
144 Kuchera Brandon Belt, 1B, SF
Round 13
Pick Team Player
145 Kuchera Ken Giles, RP, HOU
146 Huss Dylan Bundy, RP, BAL
147 R.J. White Lorenzo Cain, OF, KC
148 Scott White Jeff Samardzija, SP, SF
149 Pleskoff Yoan Moncada, 2B, BOS
150 Cummings Craig Kimbrel, RP, BOS
151 Towers Marco Estrada, SP, TOR
152 Ponebshek Anthony DeSclafani, SP, CIN
153 Maselli Matt Moore, SP, SF
154 Tobin DJ LeMahieu, 2B, COL
155 Melchior Sonny Gray, SP, OAK
156 Aizer Dexter Fowler, OF, CHC
Round 14
Pick Team Player
157 Aizer Julio Urias, SP, LAD
158 Melchior Dustin Pedroia, 2B, BOS
159 Tobin Marcus Stroman, SP, TOR
160 Maselli Alex Reyes, SP, STL
161 Ponebshek David Robertson, RP, CHW
162 Towers Andrew Benintendi, OF, BOS
163 Cummings Adam Eaton, OF, CHW
164 Pleskoff Collin McHugh, SP, HOU
165 Scott White Edwin Diaz, SP, SEA
166 R.J. White Lance McCullers, SP, HOU
167 Huss Cody Allen, RP, CLE
168 Kuchera Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, NYY
Round 15
Pick Team Player
169 Kuchera Vince Velasquez, RP, PHI
170 Huss Matt Shoemaker, SP, LAA
171 R.J. White Eduardo Rodriguez, SP, BOS
172 Scott White Alex Colome, RP, TB
173 Pleskoff Stephen Vogt, C, OAK
174 Cummings Jon Gray, SP, COL
175 Towers A.J. Ramos, RP, MIA
176 Ponebshek Raisel Iglesias, SP, CIN
177 Maselli Andrew Miller, RP, CLE
178 Tobin Mike Napoli, 1B, CLE
179 Melchior Clayton Richard, RP, SD
180 Aizer Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, LAD
Round 16
Pick Team Player
181 Aizer Jason Hammel, SP, CHC
182 Melchior Joc Pederson, OF, LAD
183 Tobin Ian Kennedy, SP, KC
184 Maselli Carlos Gomez, OF, TEX
185 Ponebshek Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
186 Towers David Phelps, SP, MIA
187 Cummings Nomar Mazara, OF, TEX
188 Pleskoff Chris Tillman, SP, BAL
189 Scott White Wilson Ramos, C, WAS
190 R.J. White Tyler Thornburg, RP, MIL
191 Huss Taijuan Walker, SP, SEA
192 Kuchera Jason Heyward, OF, CHC
Round 17
Pick Team Player
193 Kuchera Kole Calhoun, OF, LAA
194 Huss Jake Odorizzi, SP, TB
195 R.J. White Francisco Rodriguez, RP, DET
196 Scott White Garrett Richards, SP, LAA
197 Pleskoff Billy Hamilton, OF, CIN
198 Cummings Joe Musgrove, SP, HOU
199 Towers Yasiel Puig, OF, LAD
200 Ponebshek Drew Smyly, SP, TB
201 Maselli Russell Martin, C, TOR
202 Tobin Lance Lynn, SP, STL
203 Melchior Luke Weaver, SP, STL
204 Aizer Yasmani Grandal, C, LAD
Round 18
Pick Team Player
205 Aizer Ivan Nova, SP, PIT
206 Melchior Jay Bruce, OF, NYM
207 Tobin Steven Wright, SP, BOS
208 Maselli Blake Snell, SP, TB
209 Ponebshek Jose Reyes, SS, NYM
210 Towers Adam Conley, SP, MIA
211 Cummings Alex Gordon, OF, KC
212 Pleskoff Brock Holt, 2B, BOS
213 Scott White Zack Wheeler, SP, NYM
214 R.J. White Brian McCann, C, NYY
215 Huss Wily Peralta, SP, MIL
216 Kuchera Trevor Bauer, SP, CLE
Round 19
Pick Team Player
217 Kuchera Jorge Soler, OF, CHC
218 Huss Jerad Eickhoff, SP, PHI
219 R.J. White Dansby Swanson, SS, ATL
220 Scott White Carlos Beltran, OF, TEX
221 Pleskoff Hisashi Iwakuma, SP, SEA
222 Cummings Jordan Zimmermann, SP, DET
223 Towers Brandon Finnegan, RP, CIN
224 Ponebshek Robbie Ray, SP, ARI
225 Maselli Sam Dyson, RP, TEX
226 Tobin Shin-Soo Choo, OF, TEX
227 Melchior Hernan Perez, 3B, MIL
228 Aizer Tony Watson, RP, PIT
Round 20
Pick Team Player
229 Aizer Joe Ross, SP, WAS
230 Melchior Patrick Corbin, SP, ARI
231 Tobin Ervin Santana, SP, MIN
232 Maselli Michael Pineda, SP, NYY
233 Ponebshek Yangervis Solarte, 3B, SD
234 Towers Marcell Ozuna, OF, MIA
235 Cummings Yordano Ventura, SP, KC
236 Pleskoff Justin Bour, 1B, MIA
237 Scott White Josh Bell, 1B, PIT
238 R.J. White Junior Guerra, RP, MIL
239 Huss Randal Grichuk, OF, STL
240 Kuchera Trevor Rosenthal, RP, STL
Round 21
Pick Team Player
241 Kuchera Michael Wacha, SP, STL
242 Huss Huston Street, RP, LAA
243 R.J. White Corey Dickerson, OF, TB
244 Scott White Adam Duvall, OF, CIN
245 Pleskoff Adonis Garcia, 3B, ATL
246 Cummings Javier Baez, 2B, CHC
247 Towers Jose Berrios, SP, MIN
248 Ponebshek Hector Neris, RP, PHI
249 Maselli Francisco Liriano, SP, TOR
250 Tobin Alex Cobb, SP, TB
251 Melchior Brad Miller, SS, TB
252 Aizer Yulieski Gurriel, 3B, HOU
Team by Team
Adam Aizer
Rd.Pk Player
1.12 Bryce Harper, OF, WAS
2.1 Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
3.12 Jon Lester, SP, CHC
4.1 David Price, SP, BOS
5.12 Kyle Hendricks, SP, CHC
6.1 Alex Bregman, SS, HOU
7.12 Masahiro Tanaka, SP, NYY
8.1 Mark Trumbo, OF, BAL
9.12 Jason Kipnis, 2B, CLE
10.1 Dellin Betances, RP, NYY
11.12 Jameson Taillon, SP, PIT
12.1 Stephen Piscotty, OF, STL
13.12 Dexter Fowler, OF, CHC
14.1 Julio Urias, SP, LAD
15.12 Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, LAD
16.1 Jason Hammel, SP, CHC
17.12 Yasmani Grandal, C, LAD
18.1 Ivan Nova, SP, PIT
19.12 Tony Watson, RP, PIT
20.1 Joe Ross, SP, WAS
21.12 Yulieski Gurriel, 3B, HOU
Heath Cummings
Rd.Pk Player
1.6 Jose Altuve, 2B, HOU
2.7 Joey Votto, 1B, CIN
3.6 Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE
4.7 Buster Posey, C, SF
5.6 Starling Marte, OF, PIT
6.7 Adam Jones, OF, BAL
7.6 Danny Salazar, SP, CLE
8.7 Gerrit Cole, SP, PIT
9.6 Michael Fulmer, SP, DET
10.7 Felix Hernandez, SP, SEA
11.6 Justin Turner, 3B, LAD
12.7 Wade Davis, RP, KC
13.6 Craig Kimbrel, RP, BOS
14.7 Adam Eaton, OF, CHW
15.6 Jon Gray, SP, COL
16.7 Nomar Mazara, OF, TEX
17.6 Joe Musgrove, SP, HOU
18.7 Alex Gordon, OF, KC
19.6 Jordan Zimmermann, SP, DET
20.7 Yordano Ventura, SP, KC
21.6 Javier Baez, 2B, CHC
Brian Huss
Rd.Pk Player
1.2 Mike Trout, OF, LAA
2.11 Daniel Murphy, 2B, WAS
3.2 Chris Sale, SP, CHW
4.11 Stephen Strasburg, SP, WAS
5.2 Wil Myers, OF, SD
6.11 Hanley Ramirez, OF, BOS
7.2 Jose Quintana, SP, CHW
8.11 Evan Gattis, U, HOU
9.2 Addison Russell, 2B, CHC
10.11 Ian Desmond, SS, TEX
11.2 Matt Kemp, OF, ATL
12.11 Jake Lamb, 3B, ARI
13.2 Dylan Bundy, RP, BAL
14.11 Cody Allen, RP, CLE
15.2 Matt Shoemaker, SP, LAA
16.11 Taijuan Walker, SP, SEA
17.2 Jake Odorizzi, SP, TB
18.11 Wily Peralta, SP, MIL
19.2 Jerad Eickhoff, SP, PHI
20.11 Randal Grichuk, OF, STL
21.2 Huston Street, RP, LAA
Mike Kuchera
Rd.Pk Player
1.1 Clayton Kershaw, SP, LAD
2.12 Jake Arrieta, SP, CHC
3.1 Matt Carpenter, 3B, STL
4.12 Jose Abreu, 1B, CHW
5.1 Yoenis Cespedes, OF, NYM
6.12 Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI
7.1 Salvador Perez, C, KC
8.12 Troy Tulowitzki, SS, TOR
9.1 Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
10.12 Rich Hill, SP, LAD
11.1 Drew Pomeranz, RP, BOS
12.12 Brandon Belt, 1B, SF
13.1 Ken Giles, RP, HOU
14.12 Jacoby Ellsbury, OF, NYY
15.1 Vince Velasquez, RP, PHI
16.12 Jason Heyward, OF, CHC
17.1 Kole Calhoun, OF, LAA
18.12 Trevor Bauer, SP, CLE
19.1 Jorge Soler, OF, CHC
20.12 Trevor Rosenthal, RP, STL
21.1 Michael Wacha, SP, STL
George Maselli
Rd.Pk Player
1.9 Manny Machado, 3B, BAL
2.4 Trea Turner, 2B, WAS
3.9 J.D. Martinez, OF, DET
4.4 Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL
5.9 Rick Porcello, SP, BOS
6.4 Carlos Gonzalez, OF, COL
7.9 Aaron Sanchez, RP, TOR
8.4 Zach Britton, RP, BAL
9.9 Evan Longoria, 3B, TB
10.4 Anthony Rendon, 2B, WAS
11.9 Eric Hosmer, 1B, KC
12.4 Adam Wainwright, SP, STL
13.9 Matt Moore, SP, SF
14.4 Alex Reyes, SP, STL
15.9 Andrew Miller, RP, CLE
16.4 Carlos Gomez, OF, TEX
17.9 Russell Martin, C, TOR
18.4 Blake Snell, SP, TB
19.9 Sam Dyson, RP, TEX
20.4 Michael Pineda, SP, NYY
21.9 Francisco Liriano, SP, TOR
Al Melchior
Rd.Pk Player
1.11 Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC
2.2 Giancarlo Stanton, OF, MIA
3.11 Johnny Cueto, SP, SF
4.2 Nelson Cruz, OF, SEA
5.11 Adrian Beltre, 3B, TEX
6.2 Trevor Story, SS, COL
7.11 Julio Teheran, SP, ATL
8.2 Kenta Maeda, SP, LAD
9.11 Christian Yelich, OF, MIA
10.2 Seung Oh, Hwan, RP
11.11 Tanner Roark, RP, WAS
12.2 J.T. Realmuto, C, MIA
13.11 Sonny Gray, SP, OAK
14.2 Dustin Pedroia, 2B, BOS
15.11 Clayton Richard, RP, SD
16.2 Joc Pederson, OF, LAD
17.11 Luke Weaver, SP, STL
18.2 Jay Bruce, OF, NYM
19.11 Hernan Perez, 3B, MIL
20.2 Patrick Corbin, SP, ARI
21.11 Brad Miller, SS, TB
Bernie Pleskoff
Rd.Pk Player
1.5 Nolan Arenado, 3B, COL
2.8 Miguel Cabrera, 1B, DET
3.5 Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM
4.8 Jonathan Villar, SS, MIL
5.5 Kyle Schwarber, OF, CHC
6.8 Dee Gordon, 2B, MIA
7.5 Carlos Martinez, SP, STL
8.8 Aroldis Chapman, RP, CHC
9.5 Carlos Rodon, SP, CHW
10.8 Roberto Osuna, RP, TOR
11.5 Khris Davis, OF, OAK
12.8 Hunter Pence, OF, SF
13.5 Yoan Moncada, 2B, BOS
14.8 Collin McHugh, SP, HOU
15.5 Stephen Vogt, C, OAK
16.8 Chris Tillman, SP, BAL
17.5 Billy Hamilton, OF, CIN
18.8 Brock Holt, 2B, BOS
19.5 Hisashi Iwakuma, SP, SEA
20.8 Justin Bour, 1B, MIA
21.5 Adonis Garcia, 3B, ATL
Phil Ponebshek
Rd.Pk Player
1.8 Josh Donaldson, 3B, TOR
2.5 Madison Bumgarner, SP, SF
3.8 Robinson Cano, 2B, SEA
4.5 George Springer, OF, HOU
5.8 Cole Hamels, SP, TEX
6.5 Gary Sanchez, C, NYY
7.8 Eduardo Nunez, SS, SF
8.5 Matt Harvey, SP, NYM
9.8 Justin Upton, OF, DET
10.5 Todd Frazier, 3B, CHW
11.8 Aaron Nola, SP, PHI
12.5 Yasmany Tomas, OF, ARI
13.8 Anthony DeSclafani, SP, CIN
14.5 David Robertson, RP, CHW
15.8 Raisel Iglesias, SP, CIN
16.5 Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
17.8 Drew Smyly, SP, TB
18.5 Jose Reyes, SS, NYM
19.8 Robbie Ray, SP, ARI
20.5 Yangervis Solarte, 3B, SD
21.8 Hector Neris, RP, PHI
R.J. White
Rd.Pk Player
1.3 Max Scherzer, SP, WAS
2.10 Andrew McCutchen, OF, PIT
3.3 A.J. Pollock, OF, ARI
4.10 Jean Segura, SS, ARI
5.3 Chris Archer, SP, TB
6.10 Rougned Odor, 2B, TEX
7.3 Danny Duffy, SP, KC
8.10 Jackie Bradley, OF, BOS
9.3 Carlos Santana, 1B, CLE
10.10 John Lackey, SP, CHC
11.3 Jung Kang, Ho, 3B
12.10 Mark Melancon, RP, WAS
13.3 Lorenzo Cain, OF, KC
14.10 Lance McCullers, SP, HOU
15.3 Eduardo Rodriguez, SP, BOS
16.10 Tyler Thornburg, RP, MIL
17.3 Francisco Rodriguez, RP, DET
18.10 Brian McCann, C, NYY
19.3 Dansby Swanson, SS, ATL
20.10 Junior Guerra, RP, MIL
21.3 Corey Dickerson, OF, TB
Scott White
Rd.Pk Player
1.4 Mookie Betts, OF, BOS
2.9 Edwin Encarnacion, 1B, TOR
3.4 Corey Kluber, SP, CLE
4.9 Yu Darvish, SP, TEX
5.4 Jacob deGrom, SP, NYM
6.9 Kyle Seager, 3B, SEA
7.4 Aledmys Diaz, SS, STL
8.9 Chris Davis, 1B, BAL
9.4 Ian Kinsler, 2B, DET
10.9 Jose Ramirez, SS, CLE
11.4 James Paxton, SP, SEA
12.9 Sean Manaea, SP, OAK
13.4 Jeff Samardzija, SP, SF
14.9 Edwin Diaz, SP, SEA
15.4 Alex Colome, RP, TB
16.9 Wilson Ramos, C, WAS
17.4 Garrett Richards, SP, LAA
18.9 Zack Wheeler, SP, NYM
19.4 Carlos Beltran, OF, TEX
20.9 Josh Bell, 1B, PIT
21.4 Adam Duvall, OF, CIN
Jeff Tobin
Rd.Pk Player
1.10 Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, ARI
2.3 Charlie Blackmon, OF, COL
3.10 Xander Bogaerts, SS, BOS
4.3 Justin Verlander, SP, DET
5.10 Jose Bautista, OF, TOR
6.3 Jonathan Lucroy, C, TEX
7.10 Dallas Keuchel, SP, HOU
8.3 Kenley Jansen, RP, LAD
9.10 J.A. Happ, SP, TOR
10.3 Jeurys Familia, RP, NYM
11.10 Miguel Sano, U, MIN
12.3 Ben Zobrist, 2B, CHC
13.10 DJ LeMahieu, 2B, COL
14.3 Marcus Stroman, SP, TOR
15.10 Mike Napoli, 1B, CLE
16.3 Ian Kennedy, SP, KC
17.10 Lance Lynn, SP, STL
18.3 Steven Wright, SP, BOS
19.10 Shin-Soo Choo, OF, TEX
20.3 Ervin Santana, SP, MIN
21.10 Alex Cobb, SP, TB
Chris Towers
Rd.Pk Player
1.7 Kris Bryant, 3B, CHC
2.6 Corey Seager, SS, LAD
3.7 Brian Dozier, 2B, MIN
4.6 Ryan Braun, OF, MIL
5.7 Carlos Carrasco, SP, CLE
6.6 Zack Greinke, SP, ARI
7.7 David Dahl, OF, COL
8.6 Albert Pujols, 1B, LAA
9.7 Steven Matz, SP, NYM
10.6 Michael Brantley, OF, CLE
11.7 Willson Contreras, C, CHC
12.6 Kevin Gausman, SP, BAL
13.7 Marco Estrada, SP, TOR
14.6 Andrew Benintendi, OF, BOS
15.7 A.J. Ramos, RP, MIA
16.6 David Phelps, SP, MIA
17.7 Yasiel Puig, OF, LAD
18.6 Adam Conley, SP, MIA
19.7 Brandon Finnegan, RP, CIN
20.6 Marcell Ozuna, OF, MIA
21.7 Jose Berrios, SP, MIN


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