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No players have been signed, no coach has been named and there is not a known place to play, but the Boise State baseball team has uniforms.

The school unveiled the Broncos’ jerseys and hats Wednesday, with six of each being introduced to be worn in specific situations.

Boise State announced in April it was dropping its wrestling program and pursuing baseball. Though no start date for baseball has been set, the uniform announcement is a clear indication the process is moving ahead quickly.

The Idaho Statesman recently obtained documents from Boise State analyzing the costs of adding baseball. The school projected adding a head coach and assistants in July at a cost of approximately $250,000 annually, with competition to begin in 2019 with a program budget of $1.47 million, slated to increase to $2.09 million in the fifth year of play (2023). The uniform cost was estimated at $50,000.

Here’s a look at each uniform the Broncos will wear when they take the diamond:


The Broncos will wear these on the opening night of every home series, a white uniform with blue pinstripes and “Broncos” across the front. The primary Bronco-head logo is stitched on the right sleeve, with a blue and orange Mountain West logo on the left arm.


Each road series will begin with the gray uniforms, similar to the home look without the pinstripes and with “Boise State” on the front.


Naturally, the team also will sport blue and orange jerseys. Both are of the same template, with a large Bronco head on the left chest. The school’s release says “the possibilities are virtually endless,” mentioning Saturday or midweek games as opportunities to wear the set.


Baseball was a varsity sport at Boise State from 1936 to 1980, producing two Major League pitchers (Larry Jackson and Pat House), with legendary football coach Lyle Smith also coaching baseball. The throwback uniforms are a replication of the Broncos’ 1968 look, with “Broncos” across the front in blue block letters.


Another uniform option with a retro look is the Broncos’ cream set, which has “Broncos” written in script across the front, akin to the logo on Boise State’s football helmets from 1997 to 2001. The primary Bronco-head logo will appear on the right sleeve.


The Broncos have just as many hat options as jersey options, with the primary Bronco-head logo appearing on five of them: all blue, blue with an orange bill, tri-colored blue/white/orange, white with a blue bill and black with a blue bill. The other hat is all blue with a white, block “B” on the front, a throwback look similar to the Brooklyn Dodgers’ hats.


“Throwbacks and creams are fantastic. Also once option is available will be buying each lid… Pumped!” — Brandon Mehling, via Twitter

“Two years till the first game and we have a uniform design ?? Gettin bad as the (Oregon) Ducks with the whole uniform thing.” — Geoffrey Rowe, via Facebook

“The 1 with the B (fire emoji) I need it in a SnapBack tho.” — former Boise State safety, NFL veteran Jeron Johnson, via Twitter


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