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Ever since Alex Rodriguez retired from baseball in August after a 22-year career with three teams, everyone has been wondering what he’ll do next. He’s been keeping busy, doing postseason analysis with Fox Sports, hanging out with his family, and working at A-Rod Corp (yes that is a real thing). He’s even taken a job with the Yankees as a special advisor that he’ll begin in the spring.

But everyone keeps speculating that he might come back to baseball. A-Rod himself hasn’t said much about it, though he seems pretty happy in his post-baseball life. The main question is whether he’s keeping his skills up. So let’s take a look at what baseball stuff he’s been doing lately.

So what A-Rod has been doing lately is serving up meatballs to his awesome daughter.

There are so many delightful things about that video. First off, A-Rod’s daughter Ella has certainly inherited her father’s confidence. She walks to the plate mugging for the camera (and imitating her dad), taps the bat at the plate (in this case, a hula hoop, which is a brilliant improvisation), takes her stance, and with one swing knocks the ball pretty far. And then she hits another one right after!

In fact, Ella is concentrating so much on hitting the ball that she completely forgets to run. A-Rod reminds her, and she finally runs around, arms out in righteous celebration.

It’s obvious that A-Rod should stick to hitting, right? If this video is any indication, he doesn’t have a second career as a pitcher ahead of him. But someone should keep an eye on Ella. That’s a swing that could take her places.

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