Island hoping in baseball: Can MLB reclaim Puerto Rico? – Los Angeles Times

In Southern California, where three teams play within driving distance, a kid can attend a Major League Baseball game just about every day, dreaming about playing on the field in front of him. We tend to forget about the kids scattered hundreds or thousands of miles from the nearest ballpark, and the dreams confined to television and, perhaps, a family vacation.

Carlos Correa was 8 when the major leagues came to him.

The Montreal Expos, nearing the end of their life, played a slate of home games in Puerto Rico in 2003 and 2004. The Chicago Cubs visited the island. Correa caught a game, and dreamed.

“I saw Sammy Sosa,” Correa said. “I was hoping I’d be playing at that level at some point.”

Or, perhaps, surpassing it.


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