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Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Jimmy Nelson is nursing a sore noggin after one of his own throws got hit back straight at his skull! A bruised ego is one thing — a bruised head, definitely another!

Star pitcher Jimmy Nelson, 26, was going about business as usual during a game against the St. Louis Cardinals on September 17, when he was struck in the head by a ball hit from home base by Tommy Pham, 27. That is definitely one great reason to call a time out.

Poor, poor Jimmy! The footage of him getting hit in the head by that lightning-fast line drive is stunning; we cannot imagine what kind of pain he must have felt from that jolt to the skull. The ball struck him right above the left ear, bringing him to the ground with its force. Insane!

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Jimmy stayed down on the mound for about a minute, before getting up and walking off the field by himself. Wow. He was ushered into the Brewers clubhouse immediately, and whisked off to the hospital for CT scans; fortunately, those showed that he did not suffer a concussion, though he did have a contusion, according to Brewers manager Craig Counsell. Ouch!

Jimmy was ordered to stay overnight in the hospital for 48 hours as a precautionary measure, just to make sure everything was 100% okay before getting the okay to go home. But apparently, he saw no need in that!

Craig said that Jimmy was “raring to go,” and had plans to pitch in the Tuesday, September 22 game against The Chicago Cubs. Sounds like a true athlete! Some sports fans have expressed concerns that such a severe injury experienced on the field will affect his performance on the mound from now on.

The Brewers manager knows their concerns are valid, but really doesn’t see any need to worry! He knows that Jimmy’s going to continue pitching like a champ for the rest of the season; “I’m not worried about the mental part of it at all.”

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— Samantha Wilson 


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