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Is Chris Bernal baseball’s next great young slugger? Maybe! Bernal, a 12-year-old from Texas, won his age group’s Home Run Derby at the Youth Baseball Championship at Baseball Heaven on Long Island on Friday. (Yes, Baseball Heaven is a real place.) Bernal went deep in five of eight chances.

On Saturday, Bernal and his Team Citius teammates took on Banditos in a tournament game. Bernal stepped into the box in the sixth inning, got an inside fastball to his liking, and promptly deposited it beyond the left-center field wall for a solo homer. The ball managed to crack the windshield of a (slowly) moving car. Check it out:

I know they’re kids and everything, but geez, that doesn’t look like a good place to park! Had the guy in the white car left the yard maybe 30 seconds earlier, his windshield wouldn’t need replacing. Timing really is everything in this game.

(h/t Cut 4)

Thumbs up despite needing a new windshield!
Thumbs up despite needing a new windshield! (MLB.com screengrab)


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