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To the apathy of millions, the NFL’s Chargers recently announced plans to relocate from San Diego to Los Angeles. As our football wing recently noted, the Chargers will take with them to their new home a new logo. Please regard …


And there it is. The inspiration for this seems to be, “What if the Dodgers quit playing baseball and instead became a public utility?”

As you would expect, minor-league baseball teams all across media sociale took note of the Chargers’ new look and endeavored to mock it via “boltifying” their own logos. What follows is a representative sampling …

Lumber bolts!

All right. Note that what you see above is the Storm Chasers’ actual logo, so points for appropriate indolence.

This one’s cool because it looks like a particularly lethal throwing star. Remember the kid in eighth grade who brought a throwing star to school? Yeah, we all remember that kid.

This one’s cool. It should be a font. It would be the preferred typeface for cease and desist orders. Would compliance rates increase if cease and desist letters were written in this typeface? Indubitably they would.

Here we have what should be a less formal typeface used for threatening letters in general. “Threatening Letters Sans,” it would be called in the WordPerfect drop-down menu of fonts. “No longer shall I abide this, sucka,” is the kind of sentence you might write using Threatening Letter Sans.

I see where they’re going with this, but this looks less like a bunch of bolts and more like the aftermath of an ocelot attack. In the video that follows, the Fresno Grizzlies are represented by the iguana …

The point is that the Fresno Grizzlies might have rabies. Did you know that alligators can get rabies? It’s true. They can.

This is a rather understated bolt flourish and not particularly notable on those grounds. Rather, this is a tidy excuse to post an image of the anthropomorphic biscuit and his #buttertongue. Look at that guy. Hey, you.

Finally, we have this entry. Speaking of which, Jared Lorenzen’s nickname should be “Lightning Made of Bacon.”

In any event, the San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles and will henceforth be known as Mr. Electric Dodgers.

(Wink of CBS eye: The Score)


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