LOOK: Vikings stadium gets set up to host Big Ten baseball games … – CBSSports.com

As was customary at times throughout the tenure of the old Metrodome, the University of Minnesota baseball team is going to be playing some games in the stadium of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. Given that this is a new venue — and not one shared with the Twins — it’s a pretty fun picture.

Here is U.S. Bank Stadium, all set for Golden Gopher baseball: 

Obviously we can tell it’s not a stadium built for baseball, but it was built to house it on occasion, as we can see from the retractable seating in right field and makeshift dugouts. I happen to think it looks pretty cool, though. 

The Gophers play host to Seattle University in a three-game series in the new digs with one game each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone with BTN Plus (the online extension of the Big Ten Network) can watch the games, if interested. 


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