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New GM Mike Hazen (right) knows his role working with president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski (left). (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images).

New GM Mike Hazen (right) knows his role working with president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski (left). (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images).

With Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations, the Red Sox‘ general manager job is different than most in baseball, as in they don’t have the final say with baseball decisions.

Dombrowski noted that when discussing the process in ultimately deciding on Mike Hazen as his GM. Hazen said he is well aware of the power structure, but it isn’t something they talk about.

“Obviously, the role of general manager will be a little bit different here with Dave, but power’€™s not something that any of us talk about or look at,” Hazen said at his introductory press conference. “Dave is going to be making the decisions in the end. I believe that the things that we’€™ve done here underneath the hood on the major league team and player development, and amateur scouting and international scouting and all those other things, we’€™ll continue to drive that forward and help put Dave in the best position possible to make the best decisions possible for the Red Sox.”

Dombrowski and Hazen have worked together during the past month with Dombrowski coming on board and the baseball operations staff, led by Hazen with Ben Cherington gone, to get him caught up on the entire organization.

Hazen said he feels the two have developed a good connection.

“I’€™m excited as we look forward, we move forward in a new direction under Dave, we –€” I think even in the first month so far — I feel like there’€™s been a good connection between Dave and I, between what I think we’€™ve done well here and knowing things we need to improve upon moving forward,” Hazen said. “Dave’€™s experience is tremendous, we’€™ve seen that already, and I look forward to working with him and our operations staff on leading the Red Sox back to the World Series.”

It’s been a difficult and unpredictable past five weeks for the organization with manager John Farrell battling lymphoma, Dombrowski being hired, Cherington leaving and now Hazen being promoted to general manager.

Hazen is hoping to eventually turn all the negatives into positives in 2016.

“We’€™ve gone through a period of change,” Hazen said. “Dave has helped out with that quite a bit. The way he’€™s gone about it, not just with this particular situation but with a lot of others that probably have gone more under the radar. Dave has repeatedly recognized those director level positions in other places that have done a very good job. The Red Sox have put the minor league system, put the young players on the field, the field staff that has gone out there since what has happened to John [Farrell], carried on and really played well these last five weeks.

“I think you’€™re starting to see the building blocks of next year’€™s team, which is starting to turn that negative into a positive and one that we hope can continue through the end of the season and into next year.”


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