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When it comes to capturing the essence of a sport, few sports video games have done as good of a job as MLB The Show. To be more specific, MLB The Show 16 and Pro Evolution Soccer 17 had the most realistic gameplay in the genre.

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

If the gameplay additions we learned about in Sony’s latest trailer are as advertised, MLB The Show 17 will be even more realistic than its predecessor. Here’s a look at the trailer:

More authentic paths for the ball off the bat is the first thing that caught my attention in the trailer. Per Community Manager and Game Designer Ramone Russell, previous versions of The Show modeled a ball caroming off a wall as opposed to a baseball bat.

This year’s version will use a bat and ball, and the trailer promises “hundreds of thousands” of new possibilities.

image: Sony

image: Sony

It’s easy to understate what this could mean for gameplay. More realistic slices and curves could create more dramatic home runs, diving catches and hits down the first and third-base lines. If you’re a real baseball fan, that concept will excite you.

The Humanity A.I. component is said to provide less than perfect on-field behavior from CPU-controlled players. Some may not like this idea because it could potentially lead to some uncontrollable errors, but I think it’s great.

Anything that will make CPU-controlled players behave more lifelike is a concept that interests me.

One area of the game that was in need of improvement is the pick-off and lead-off component. According to the trailer, this part of the game sees attention, as will other aspects of base stealing. There’s a new catcher’s throwing meter that will give the gamer more control over their attempts to cut down would-be base stealers.

There are also new animations for celebrations, more batting stances (more than 350) and pitching motions (more than 300).

Perhaps the biggest and most subtle addition, in my opinion, is an improvement that is said to eliminate the egregious lob throws to first base and the ill-timed easy-does-it approaches to ground balls on the infield.

I can’t tell you how many times this has hurt me in a game. It once cost me a no-hitter (yes, I’m still bitter). Fortunately, the new version is said to have a fix for this issue. More information is expected on Thursday when Sony’s first Twitch stream airs.

Stay tuned for more information and a complete breakdown of the stream.

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