Orioles ‘got a monster’ in baseball-focused first-rounder Cody Sedlock – Baltimore Sun

The book was called “How Dogs are Better than Cats.” The reasoning was sound — dogs will save you from a fire, or alert you to burglars in your home. Cats will cower under a couch.

And in the dream weeks that followed this month’s Major League Baseball draft, the author’s proud father has shown it to a few close friends as he accepted their congratulations. He flipped to the “About the Author” page.

“Cody Sedlock was 8 years old,” it reads. “When he grows up, he is going to be a baseball player.”

Sedlock, the Orioles’ 2016 first-round pick, was selected 27th overall on June 9, and signed eight days later for just over $2 million. Dreaming of a baseball life doesn’t make him unique from any of the 1,215 other players selected along with him. What does is the dexterity Sedlock showed in getting there.


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