Pete Rose’s banishment from baseball must extend to the Hall of Fame – Los Angeles Times

The event took place in front of a gaudy giant chair constructed with real baseball bats surrounding an actual home plate, yet Pete Rose never actually sat in it, and the emptiness was palpable.

“Throne of ‘Hit King’ #4256,” read the plaque.

Rose showed up wearing a cap of the Cincinnati Reds, yet the cap was bright white and the Reds wear, well, red, making it seem like he bought the thing off some Las Vegas street souvenir stand.

Actually, he was sitting so close to a Las Vegas street, one could hear motorcycles in the background as Rose held court Tuesday outside the Pete Rose Sports Bar & Grill on the Strip.

“All I want to be is friends of baseball, I want baseball and Pete Rose to be friends,” he said, his voice cracking. “So I can say I’m not an outsider looking in.”

He is 74 now, and this was not so much a news conference as a final public prayer, his giant weathered hands squeezing each other again and again as he begged for mercy.


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