Players try to save baseball from its own stupid self – Chicago Tribune (blog)

The sparkling new video board flashes a message that warns fans to be alert for objects flying into the stands.

Screaming foul balls and helicoptering shards of bats, specifically.

While fans have their attention diverted from the field to read that message, a screaming foul ball or helicoptering shard of a bat could be flying into the stands.

Then the sparkling new message board has something else demanding fans’ attention over there, and then the sparkling new video board is running something else that attracts eyeballs, and then there’s an alert from Major League Baseball on your phone, and a vendor is coming down the aisle with beer, and baseball isn’t going to help fans by putting up extended netting while it creates a more dangerous environment.

Sounds like trouble to me. Sounds like something that can be easily fixed, too. Those are some of the conclusions I reached while reading the major takeout by our baseball guy Paul Sullivan that ran in Sunday’s Tribune and online here.


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