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You may have missed the fact that former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has taken up baseball. For the record, he’s currently batting .230/.319/.369 for the New York Mets‘ A-ball affiliate
amid rumors he could be nearing a promotion

If Tebow’s foray into baseball still doesn’t feel real, then it might be time to come to terms with the whole thing. That’s because Tebow now has a baseball card where he’s decked out in his affiliate’s uniform — the baseball career equivalent of becoming “Facebook official.” Take a look: 

The catch is the “short-printed” descriptor that means the card’s production will be limited. As Chris Cwik of Yahoo Sports wrote, consider that a smart marketing ploy on Topps’ part:

Avid collectors and die-hard Tebow fans will probably spend a few extra bucks to pick up more packs in the hopes they can land one of his cards. The odds of getting this Tebow card is about one in 101 packs, according to Sporting News, so you’ll need luck to be on your side.

Of course, the other effect here is that it’ll boost Tebow’s card’s resale value. So, if you want an official Tebow card, be prepared to pony up one way or the other.


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