This ESPN baseball graphic is accidentally perfect – SB Nation

We’ve seen television graphics get farted out before, which is always fun to see, but that might be the second best graphic flub now that we have giant baseball heads.

After ESPN showed Byron Buxton making an incredible catch that ended up with him slamming back on the wall, the cameras then showed Ervin Santana celebrating. Santana’s head was perfectly in the middle of the screen when ESPN threw out its giant baseball graphic.

So now Santana has a giant baseball head. It’s accidentally perfect.

ESPN should start intentionally doing this. Who knows, this could become the television equivalent of putting googly eyes on photos just for laughs. Imagine starting lineup graphics where every player on the field is replaced by giant baseballs with the ESPN logo. This is as close as we’re going to get to a squad composed entirely of Mr. Mets.

This could be the next big thing in millennial television. Or not. But whatever; it’s fun and they should do it anyway.


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