Tim Tebow earned his baseball promotion – Orlando Sentinel

The New York Mets promoted the hottest player in the minor leagues on Sunday, and it didn’t take long for people to question why.

The guy is hitting .222 with three home runs and 69 strikeouts in 63 games. Normally, that kind of performance would get a player a demotion.

Tim Tebow is not a normal player.

He really is the hottest player in the minor leagues. Not by old-fashioned measurements like batting average, but by an even older business metric:

Give the customers what they want.

“It’s not like he’s tearing up the league,” Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said. “But at the same time all indications are positive in terms of various things we look at — chase rates and exit velocity.”

I’m not sure about chase rates, but I’m confident exit velocity means the speed at which dollars are flowing out of fans’ wallets.

The average attendance for Tebow’s Mets-affiliated Columbia Fireflies games in the Low-A South Atlantic League was 5,230, which was about 1,500 more than last year. Road attendance was up about 2,200 fans from what teams usually draw.


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