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I suppose that the more formal concept of the off-season is now considered over. (Keep in mind that Eppler is still busy signing guys. Look at the names just late last week.) So it’s time to turn the wheeling and dealing page and think about things like contract extensions for big names entering their walk year. .That said, the news I linked to just yesterday about the Mets extending Neil Walk might already be dead………….And among those entering their walk year would be one Jason Werth, who got himself a $120 million contract considered an overpay at the time (and sure the shit has been the past two seasons). Look for Werth to have a great season, trying to prove that he is still the premium outfielder he has rarely been…………

As FanGraphs reviews their idea of the 10 worst deals this past off-season, something jumps out at me: that Ian Desmond guy sure finds himself in the middle of a lot of drama when it comes to the business side of things………….

If yours is the kind of soul that seeks out worthy causes in need of sharing some tiny bit of your good fortune, and you love and respect baseball, here is a link for you. The Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project strives to sustain the memories of those pioneers who were shamefully excluded from our game………..

I would subscribe to the notion that Bud Selig created the modern era of more parity, which FanGraphs studies here, but I would suggest that it was an unintended consequence. Creating the three-division format in each league, AND creating two Wild Card entries, lowers the barrier to entry into the playoffs. And it also creates a grouping of mid-American teams which don’t have to compete directly against the wealthier coastal teams. My memory seems to pull back the idea that the true intention was to create more revenue-generating playoff games for the owners. And, at the end of the day, MLB itself would prefer that the more marquee franchises anyway be the ones that end up in the playoffs, and go deeper into the playoffs, since those drive higher television contracts and a greater shared revenue………..

Of what value is it for MLB to make batting practice “more fan friendly”? It’s not like they will get to sell more game-night tickets than before. Sure, it’s fun and something worth doing a few times a year (unless you are a ball hawk). But it’s already tough enough for working stiffs to get to weekday games at first pitch, so how big is the draw for fans and what is the revenue opportunity for MLB? Beer sales, I suppose. I wonder if, over time, it might do little more than drive teams to shut down beer sales in the 5th inning since there could be some fans already 2 or 3 beers in prior to first pitch…………

Say what you will about the guy, but Yeonis Cespedes knows how to have ST fun with his rides………..Not to be outdone, Joe Maddon also has himself a cool ride. Or so he thinks……….

This article could be re-titled as: “If we didn’t have facts to keep us honest, what player in ESPN’s back yard could ESPN spend all season trying to convince the world was the greatest player in Baseball History?“. Everything in the article wants us to believe that it would still be obvious that Mike Trout is The Magnificent One, but that just bullshit. We still have boatloads of serious-minded journalists arguing against Trout each season (albeit from varying fan bases based on what team s offering up an MVP contender) and the only way that Trout can be defended is with real stats and information. Take those away and leave it up to the eyeball test, and Trout would become little more than “that guy who plays pretty good ball out there on the West Coast”……….

I am not sure that Amiel Sawdaye, Assistant GM with the Diamondbacks, clearly understands what the rest of the country thinks when he uses a phrase such as “We’re trying to build a culture similar to the one we were used to in Boston…“……….


The Duffle Bag

There is a fine line between hero and zero. Fortunately, the Internet can zoom in on that for the benefit of us all……….Rick Ankiel had an interesting approach. He solved the yips with sips…………..I’m not sure that a bat snapping during a BP session warrants fear and terror among the rest of Major League Baseball………..This might get fun. Things are getting chippy between Bryce Harper and Noah Syndergaard?………..Jose Canseco needs robot insurance. I laugh. You laugh. But, in truth, Jose is on to something here…………..Dexter Fowler learning that reasonable dialog among citizens has no place in baseball these days………….



Week 3 of our Chance/Community Chest cards!

I know you think this to be a repeat, but recall that this is intended to be a legit, working set. And in such a set you have TWO Go To Jail cards, one in the Chance deck and one in the Community Chest deck.




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