Fans weigh in: Good move by NASCAR to align with Monster –

It took almost two years from the time Sprint announced it’d be moving on from the top-tier NASCAR series sponsorship for the sport to find a replacement.

In Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon, the announcement was made that Monster Energy will take over the duties of the entitlement sponsor for the Premier Series with a multi-year deal.

We decided to see how fans weighed in on the news and the results were rather close with about a 60/40 split of people in favor of Monster Energy as the new sponsor.

The specifics of the vote were that 33 percent said this was a perfect fit for NASCAR with 28 percent saying it should be good for the sport and they’re optimistic about the future.

On the less favorable side, 21 percent were rather indifferent toward the change and believes it won’t influence the overall health of NASCAR.

Finally, 18 percent believe that this was a bad move for the sport.

As more details emerge about the sponsorship and we see Monster Energy and NASCAR put their plans into action, we’ll see how hands-on the energy drink company will be with rebranding the sport.


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