How much is too much on the summer soccer schedule? – Los Angeles Times

Give a couple of tournament organizers eight days, 50 states and hundreds of hours of TV time to work with and you think they’d be able to stay out of each others’ way, right?

Apparently not. At least not in the case of this month’s CONCACAF Gold Cup, the continent’s biennial international championship that starts Friday, and the International Champions Cup, an annual summer series of exhibitions featuring some of the best club teams in the world that begins July 19.

Four times during the knockout stage of the Gold Cup, ICC games have been scheduled to kick off at roughly the same time on a rival TV network. Twice ICC matches will be played on the same night in the same state, with the Gold Cup final in Santa Clara, Calif., competing for attention with an ICC exhibition between Real Madrid and Manchester City at the Coliseum.

It seems an avoidable fracturing of a nascent U.S. soccer audience that is still trying to find a focus. Yet neither side appears particularly troubled by that.


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