In Liverpool there’s just one game in town — soccer — but two teams just a mile apart – Los Angeles Times

Ian O’Brien stood outside Anfield, the refurbished home of the Liverpool Football Club, rubbing his ruddy hands together in an unsuccessful effort to ward off an early morning chill when a stranger approached.

“Where’s Goodison Park?” the man asked.

“Don’t swear in here, mate!” O’Brien snapped before turning away.

Goodison Park, you see, is the stadium used by Everton, Liverpool’s chief rival. If Anfield is a cathedral — and O’Brien, a tour guide there, believes it is — then any mention of Everton on its grounds is like invoking Satan on Easter Sunday. The same holds true, in reverse, at Goodison Park, which sits on the north end of Walton Lane, less than a mile away.


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