Irving Arvizu shows that playing soccer in high school remains a path to success – Los Angeles Times

Watching Irving Arvizu move his feet back and forth during a soccer drill offers a little peek into the elite qualities he possesses. He’s a sturdy 6-feet-1, 170 pounds but quickly picks up speed like pushing the pedal to the metal of a sports car.

“He’s a thoroughbred,” L.A. Cathedral Coach Arturo Lopez said. “His athleticism is what separates him.”

In an era when many of Southern California’s top soccer players have abandoned the high school ranks for USA Soccer-sponsored leagues, Arvizu has shown that “old school” still works. He has a scholarship waiting for him at Cal State Fullerton, and he earned it by playing high school and club soccer.

“There was something about high school soccer,” he said. “It was worth more to fight for. I had something to play for — the crowd, the students.”


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