LA did not win the 2028 Olympics. It lost to Paris for 2024 – Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Los Angeles did not win the bidding for the 2028 Summer Olympics; it lost the bidding for 2024. With all the other cities realizing fiscal prudence and withdrawing their bids, the International Olympic Committee was scared that no city would be foolish enough to bid for 2028. (“LA 2028 delegation returns from Peru, outlines next steps for 2028 Games,” Sept. 15)

To make matters worse, the IOC acted like late-night infomercials by demanding immediate action — think “call within the next 15 minutes for this deal!” — and Los Angeles took the bait. With no competition, city officials could have taken their time, held the appropriate public hearings and negotiated a much better deal as a single-source supplier.

Of course the mayor and his allies will be long gone by 2028. It’s obvious his ambitions lie on the national stage, and Los Angeles taxpayers will foot the bill for his vanity project.

John Schiermeier, Santa Clarita


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