LOOK: Fans throw dead rats at players in during heated soccer rivalry game – CBS sports.com (blog)

One of the most underappreciated derby matches in world soccer is between Danish clubs Brondby and FC Copenhagen. The Danish clubs and their supporters don’t get along, and it has been evident over the years. But what happened this week takes the rivalry to an entirely different level. 

Brondby fans threw dead rats as Copenhagen players during the 1-0 defeat to their rival. Four dead rodents were launched as players aimed to take a corner kick, according to ESPNFC. Take a look:

Here are some pics:

What are you doing with rats in the first place? Whose masterful idea was that? It’s disgusting and could spread an illness, I’m fairly sure. A bonehead move and just one of the many things were see from fans that just make you shake your head.

Let’s hope they find the fans who threw them and give them a proper ban.

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