If NASCAR fans were shocked by the appearance of the Monster Energy Girls’ outfits this weekend, they clearly didn’t hear the promises that the company’s vice president of sports marketing, Mitch Covington, made earlier this year when discussing Monster Energy’s debut as the title sponsor of NASCAR’s Cup Series.

Via NBC Sports:

“Monster, we were built on girls, music and racing,” Covington said in January. “We think that fits with NASCAR really good.’’

And they’ve clearly never looked at Monster Energy’s Facebook page, which is littered with women in outfits they might find offensive. Or think about that the company is referring to grown women as girls in its title of its brand reps.

But what they mostly missed?

Is that what women are wearing isn’t really up for anyone’s discussion, perhaps unless it’s your kid. (Or your best friend whose skirt got tucked in her underwear, because then it really is time to say something.) Yes, we agree it’s sort of annoying that in 2017 a “party” to some isn’t considered a party unless there’s women wearing revealing tops. We think the sport should be enough for people to want to tune in. We would hope people would expect more from women, since there are in fact a number of brilliant women in NASCAR.

But beyond that, the comments from social media about the outfits range from blaming them if anything bad should happen to asking why a family show would possibly show a little skin. Our bottom line: You have an opinion about what woman is wearing, at her job, where she is getting paid to promote a sport?

If you don’t like it, then don’t wear it. And either way, please don’t say gross things about it on Twitter.