“In addition to her athleticism, she also has this incredible composure about her,” McFarlane said. “Which says a lot about her as an athlete. She can come from her lacrosse season and jump into soccer right away and doesn’t skip a beat. She’s a really solid, composed presence in the back.”

She will be back on the lacrosse field this spring, although at Dorrance’s urging, professional soccer likely beckons when her time in Chapel Hill comes to an end. Should she finally pick a sport on which to focus fully, an idea that intrigues her, she may be North Carolina’s best pro prospect.

For now she is trying to heed the advice she would give the freshman version of herself.

“Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow,” Bill said. “I think it would just be to really stay in the moment because, to me, it’s gone so fast and I’ve had such a great time. But there are some moments where I wish I kind of was more present in that moment, instead of worrying about something else — how I played before or being nervous about a game in the future.”

That moment affords her an opportunity this weekend to be a part of a second national championship in a matter of months, this time from the field.