Olympics likely to add 3-on-3 basketball in 2020 Games in Tokyo – Chicago Tribune

Olympics organizers are eager to get the ball rolling, or rather bouncing, as they look toward the 2020 program in Tokyo. According to the Associated Press, the International Olympic Committee is all but certain it will add 3-on-3 basketball to its ever-changing list of events.

“It would certainly be a perfect fit,” Patrick Baumann, the secretary general of world basketball’s governing body, told the news service on Friday.

Baumann points to the addition of skateboarding and sport climbing to the 2020 Olympics, as key factors in ushering in the additional basketball competition, which he said appeals to a demographic Olympic organizers are openly courting – the young and urban.

“The best urban team sport is 3-on-3 street basketball,” Baumann continued, pointing specifically to the popular competitions held in Harlem, New York’s Rucker Park street court.


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