San Diego’s new white knight? Mike Stone and pro soccer – The San … – The San Diego Union-Tribune

If San Diego needs a white knight after losing the Chargers, Mike Stone might be the one.

He and his fellow investors have proposed replacing the NFL with the MLS, making soccer, not football, San Diego’s rally-around, civic-spirit-raising sport. The plan includes demolishing Qualcomm Stadium and replacing it with a 30,000-seat facility for both soccer and college football.

With the Bolts gone, the city faces a roughly $13 million annual upkeep cost and a mounting list of deferred maintenance items nearing $100 million. Also, there are annual payments for another decade on $28 million in bonds and 166 acres of a prime nonperforming city asset with a major trolley line running through it. 

The existential question for Mission Valley, the city, the region and the voters is should they spend years planning, marketing and hoping somebody takes the site off their hands and makes something of it or anoint Stone as the knight-errant to save a  city in distress.     


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