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rantnrave:// Welcome to modernity, NBC. The network will air the 2018 Olympics live in all time zones. It took too long to get here. NBC has enough channels and a large enough digital presence to please everyone. It can still save its juiciest performances for prime time without cutting off access to those who want to watch it live during the day. The network was depriving an audience that wanted its product. Or as a friend quipped: “Market research showed that key demographics became increasingly frustrated with network practices in the broadcasting of Olympic sporting events after they had already concluded”. … For years, Los Angeles was the NFL’s bogeyman — the destination that served as a relocation threat for any city that didn’t want to pay for a new stadium. Not anymore. Las Vegas is now taken too. What’s next for the NFL if some team needs a new home? London? A U.S. city is more likely for now, but eventually some league will try to move abroad. … How far have we come with two pro teams in Vegas? Here’s what the prospect of even one looked like in 2005. … A woman will coach in the NBA one day. Adam Silver wants to make it happen but the commissioner has only so much sway. A voice like Gregg Popovich could carry further. I’m happy Spurs assistant Becky Hammon turned down the Florida women’s job. Apprenticing in San Antonio qualifies her for a head NBA job. … President Trump won’t throw out the first pitch at the Nationals’ home opener. Scheduling conflict. You understand. … The NCAA gave North Carolina legislators 48 hours to repeal HB2 or lose the right to host any championship events through spring 2022. … Good luck Summitt Hoops. Don’t know anyone more devoted to women’s sports than Howard Megdal. Happy he got his own vertical to run at FanSided. I expect big things. … Love bat flips and baseball? This might be the time to get into the Korean Baseball Organization. … In 2003, Bill Belichick offered 37 thoughts for the victorious coach.

What’s next for cities abandoned by NFL teams?

Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis could try to lure another team, but they’d better be ready to spend.
Brent Schrotenboer | USA Today

‘Wrestling Society X’: Real story behind MTV’s failed attempt at professional wrestling

A look back on the 10th anniversary of MTV’s “Wrestling Society X,” the professional wrestling program that lasted 10 episodes.
Aaron Oster | Rolling Stone

Three in one day: A Spanish football odyssey

A quirk of the fixture calendar allowed four football tourists to taste three very different experiences of Spanish football in one day.
Tom Wiggins | IBWM

Trump might be the first president in 100 years not to throw the first pitch at an MLB game — here’s why

With Americans bitterly divided on life-and-death issues such as reproductive rights and immigration, it might not seem like throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at a major league game is all that important. But consider this: Every single sitting U.S. president has done it since William Howard Taft opened the Washington, D.C., season in 1910.
Molly Knight | Marie Claire

How a hot sports media startup unraveled (Subscription required)

OneUp Sports had plans to distribute sports videos to thousands of local sites. But instead the startup has spent the past few months backing out of an acquisition, grappling with lawsuits and struggling economically.
Mike Shields | Wall Street Journal


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