These are Goldman Sachs’ predictions for the Rio Olympics – CNBC

According to its model, the world’s two-largest economies are set to clinch the largest medal hauls at Rio de Janeiro.

The U.S. could walk away with 106 medals in total, including 45 gold ones, GS said, not far off from the country’s 2012 performance of 104 overall medals. Should Goldman’s forecasts materialize, it would mark the second consecutive Olympics that the U.S. finishes at the top of both the gold and overall medal standings.

GS estimates that China will finish second in the medals tally, with 89 total medals, out of which 36 are expected to be gold. In 2012, China also ranked second to the U.S. in terms of the highest gold and overall medal count.

“Unsurprisingly, the U.S. and China dominate the table, but there is an important difference,” GS observed.

U.S. dominance is focused on sports with the most events and medals on offer, such as swimming and athletics, whereas China has the largest margin of leadership in the sports it is best at, including table tennis, badminton and diving, GS explained.

The U.K. is tipped to finish third on GS’s list with 59 medals, 23 of which are expected to be gold, followed by Russia’s medal count of 58, including 14 gold medals. Brazil, the host country, is expected to secure 22 medals in total – which would mark its best achievement at the summer games ever.


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