WATCH: Crazy scene as soccer players brawl at Boca Juniors practice session –

You always want fight in your players. You want them to give everything they have on the pitch and be an example for every player. But this type of fight, this isn’t what you want.

Argentine club Boca Juniors experienced a crazy scene at practice in Buenos Aires on Tuesday when players Jonathan Silva and Juan Insaurradle came to blows. Both defenders, Insaurradle’s practice shirt was ripped and they each got a few good shots in. Check it out.

Not good. Now, the continuation of the Argentine league has been delayed for weeks over TV rights contract talks, so teams are getting more practice in than usual with no games. But it looks like Boca needs its players to cool off a bit. You never want a feud between teammates, and their coach, MLS legend Guillermo Barros Schelotto, will want to get this straight before it gets worse.

Boca leads the Argentine league with 31 points, three more than Newell’s.

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