WATCH: Soccer bad boy fakes getting hit, takes one of the worst dives in history – CBS (blog)

When it comes to world soccer, Joey Barton is one of the first bad boys that comes to mind for anyone who knows the sport. The midfielder, though talented, has a temperament only rivaled by Frank Constanza. 

On Saturday, his latest antics were on display. 

Burnley was shocked in the FA Cup fifth round by non-league side Lincoln City, and Barton was trying to get an opposite player rejected by simulating a hit and diving to the ground. It was sad.

Take a look:

Here is another angle:

It didn’t work, and Barton picked up a yellow for his stupidity. No place in the sport for acting like a clown, and now all Burnley has to show for its participation is Barton’s ugly dive. 

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