Advice to Your Younger Sports Fan Self – Bleacher Report

It is in a sports fan’s DNA to oppose his or her team’s biggest rival—that’s natural.

And yet, there is a difference between blaming an opposing fan for his or her allegiances and simply recognizing them—and maybe even understanding them.

For example, think about why you root for the team you do. It could be as simple as geography. You grew up in the Bronx, so you root for the New York Yankees. It could be about a certain player you like or coach you respect.

Regardless, just as you have your reasons, opposing fans have theirs. For instance, think about that Yankees fan from the Bronx. If that same fan had grown up in Boston, what are the odds he or she would still root for the Yankees?

In December, Scott Stump of wrote about a joint tailgate attended by two families with split sports allegiances. In each family, there are New York Giants fans and Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Jeremy Shubach, the son of diehard a Giants fans, said: “I love my parents dearly, but they had to accept the fact that I grew up 15 minutes outside of Philly.”


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