After another NCAA basketball scandal, let’s be honest: This is how college sports works – Chicago Tribune

So today, we have Auburn, Southern California, Oklahoma State and Arizona as the bad apples. They’re the college basketball programs that have assistant coaches who have been indicted by federal authorities because they allegedly accepted bribes to push players toward a slew of potential moneymakers — financial advisers, Adidas, on and on. It would appear, too, from easily connected dots in the documents, that Louisville and Miami are being accused of funneling $100,000 or more to gain the services of a single player.

To you Tigers and Trojans, you Cowboys and Wildcats — and, presumably, you Cardinals and Hurricanes — we say, quite heartily: Tsk-tsk! No, really. Tsk-tsk!

We can’t, and won’t, make light of the feds slapping cuffs on college basketball coaches and the various hangers-on and interlopers who profit from the sport. But with practices set to officially open this week, anyone embracing the start of a new season must do so with his or her eyes wide open. Or maybe completely shut.

Tuesday’s developments are the essence of breaking news. On the face of them, they’re alarming — not so much because of the programs or coaches involved or the specifics of the transactions (though, $100,000?!) but because this comes from the FBI, adding weight and heft. The idea of undercover videos in Las Vegas hotel rooms provides Hollywood intrigue, for sure.


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