Amazing how much in Chicago sports has changed since 2009 – Chicago Tribune

The byline on the story you’re reading last appeared in these pages in October 2009, before the Yankees-Phillies World Series. The odds of it ever appearing here again weren’t good at the time, but if a reality-show tycoon can be elected president, Northwestern can make the NCAA tournament and the Cubs can win the World Series, who is to doubt the existence of miracles?

Said byline ran above a story suggesting Yankees skipper Joe Girardi always would be welcome in Chicago, his Peoria background, Northwestern pedigree and two terms of Cubs service offsetting his ties to the dreaded House of Steinbrenner. But Joe was not coming to Chicago to manage the Cubs any time soon, despite the entreaties of Mr. Wanna-Be Cub David Kaplan.

Besides, Lou Piniella was still 10 months out from his Cubs walkabout, which opened the door to Mike Quade, who ranks behind only Milton Bradley as the worst mistake of the Jim Hendry era.

Yep, Jim Hendry. Theo Epstein was not even a gleam in Tom Ricketts’ eye in October 2009.


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