Andy Murray completes one of sport’s most remarkable coups with serene conviction –

No measurement of Murray’s feat  can be complete without mention of the man whose reign he has so rudely ended. Djokovic was a pale shadow of the slippery foe Murray has grown accustomed to facing.

He was listless, distracted, error-prone, spraying groundstrokes that he would normally have dispatched with his eyes closed. The impression that all is not well in his camp is undeniable.

Djokovic has been beset, ever since a jarring third-round loss at Wimbledon, of suggestions of trouble in his personal life, and there are plenty of signs that the shadow is stalking him on the court.

Murray, by contrast, has never been so content. A sensitive soul, who needs stability in his life to perform at his best, he has had a year of happiness beyond his most fanciful imaginings.

He has become a father to Sophia, and restored the fortifying presence of Ivan Lendl to his coaching corner. Can anything that awaits him eclipse the wonders of 2016? Only time will tell us. But there was a gathering sense, as he trooped out last night with his young family into the London chill, that the Murray era had dawned.


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