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Barack Obama is no stranger to the world of professional sports. During his eight-year stint in the White House, plenty of athletes and teams visited the presidential residence.

It’s hard to say what the most memorable has been. One thing’s for sure, though. Obama loves to crack jokes at the expense of some of the world’s most talented athletes.

8. Making fun of the Royals’ nicknames

The Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series, so they got a congratulatory visit, as well as a congratulatory roast.

You’ve got an offense led by homegrown guys like Alex “Gordo” Gordon — (applause) — and Mike “Moose” Moustakas. (Applause.) Eric “Hoz” Hosmer. (Applause.) World [Series] MVP Salvador “Salvy” Perez. (Applause.) These guys are all great players. Can I say, though, the nicknames aren’t that creative. (Laughter.) It’s like, Barack “Barack” Obama. (Laughter.) You know? I mean, listen to this — Hoz, Moose, Gordo. We’re going to have to work on these. (Laughter.)

He has a point, though. Barack “Barack” does sound pretty stupid.

7. Shouting out J.R. Smith’s shirt

The Cavs thought they were going to be the last team to visit the White House, until the Cubs slid in.

The president welcomed the whole team, specifically one member that’s proven to be very valuable.

6. Poking fun at the Warriors

Golden State visited the White House in early 2016 to celebrate their 2015 NBA championship. Obama honored them … by shouting out the ’95-’96 Bulls (of which coach Steve Kerr was a part.)

5. Obama is not impressed

McKayla Maroney, a member of the Fierce Five 2012 USA gymnastics team, became a meme during the London Olympics when cameras caught her making a face after winning the silver medal in vault.

Obama might have done it even better than her when the Fierce Five visited the White House.

U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Visits White HouseU.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Visits White House

Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images

4. RIP Alabama

Prior to their loss at the hands of Clemson, Alabama football visited the White House four times.

“This is the fourth time I’ve hosted Alabama here at the White House. So clearly, I brought you some good luck,” he said. “You can call me ‘O-bama.”

3. Yelling “OMAHA” at the Broncos

After they won the 2016 Super Bowl, Denver headed to the White House. Barry greeted them with a cry of “OMAHA!”

Just to see if everyone was paying attention.

2. He just won’t let Deflategate go

Bill Belichick and his boys visited the White House in 2015 after one of their Super Bowl wins.

Belichick responded with a thumbs down, but he was smiling as he did it. You have to be a good sport around the leader of the free world.

And the sickest burn of two terms …

1. Crying Jordan

When Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Vin Scully, and Michael Jordan, things got personal.

He imitated Abdul-Jabbar’s layup form, debated whether to make Scully announce all the Medal winners, and with Jordan, well … what do you think?

Starring in Space Jam > long and storied NBA career

The camera also captured the perfect moment, when Obama joked about Crying Jordan in front of crying Jordan.

“He’s more than just an internet meme.”

* * *

BONUS: Michelle gets in on the action

Just the best FLOTUS moment of all time.


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