Colin Cowherd explains why Philly has to be the dumbest sports city in America –

I want to talk about the city of Philadelphia for three minutes, which has to be the dumbest sports city in America because they ran Andy Reid out of town. This is amazing. Andy Reid’s won 60% of his NFL games with average to below-average quarterbacks. Nobody has done that in 20 years.

He got to five NFC Championships and a Super Bowl with a quarterback with an 85% passer rating in his career and a 59% completion ratio, Donovan McNabb. Nobody does that. Andy Reid has won 61% of his games. That’s better than Mike Holmgren, who had a Hall of Fame quarterback or two, Bill Parcells, Tom Coughlin. It’s even with a legend, Tom Landry.

But Andy Reid got run out of Philadelphia. Now think about that. He won four straight NFC Championships.

Aaron Rodgers with a great coach, with a good GM, in a weaker division, Aaron Rodgers, eight years, three NFC Championships. Andy went to five. Andy Reid was bum rushed out of Philadelphia.

By the way, 19 years coaching, 16 non-losing seasons with average quarterbacks. He single-handedly resurrected Michael Vick’s career. He single-handedly resurrected Alex Smith’s career.

San Francisco kicked Alex Smith out of town. Who does that? Winning with average quarterbacks, Joe Gibbs, about the only one I can think of, and he’s called a legend.

But this is what Philadelphia does. The Phillies had Terry Francona. They ran him out of town. He’s the best manager in baseball. He wins everywhere.

Since leaving Philadelphia, Terry Francona has been managing 14 years. He’s never had a losing record. Do you get how hard that is?

Oh, they did it with Jay Wright at Villanova. Rollie Massimino won a national championship. They gave the job to Jay Wright. He’s won 71% of his games.

In the last three years, he’s the winningest program in college basketball. It’s got tough academics. It’s not big and large and profound like North Carolina. It’s a small private school in Philadelphia, which has a number of good college basketball programs in the region. And they’ve been on Jay Wright before he won that title for years.

Are you people crazy? You ran Andy Reid out of town. You ran Terry Francona out of town. Jay Wright’s one of the top five coaches in college basketball. You’re on him constantly.

By the way, Philly was originally the nation’s capital, and you blew that, too. Yeah, late 1700s, you probably ran George Washington out of town. I’m sorry. Andy Reid’s been in this sport 20 years. He’s winning more than Holmgren, Parcells, and Coughlin, run out of town, resurrecting careers.

Maybe Philly fans are so dopey they just don’t like the word “read.” They don’t like to read. I don’t know what it is.

But you cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending injury. I can’t trust a fan base that has a courtroom and a jail under their stadium. But do you get and appreciate how good Francona, Jay Wright, and Andy Reid are?

He’s doing what nobody can do in football, win with quarterbacks people don’t want. It’s incredible, and they’re the best team in the NFL. They are.


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