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– So we’ll do, as the NFL season starts tonight, the NFL three-word association game. John, do you have some classic music underneath? OK, here we go. Let’s start with the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys– the usual insanity.

Folks, they’ve won Super Bowls and had chaos. It’s a good football team. They’ll win a bunch of games. I don’t think the Zeke situation throws them off course.

Eagles– great Wentz hope. Best young offensive line in football. I like their defensive front. I think Carson Wentz is going to pop in year two. Washington– franchise tag again. Kirk Cousins, I think, takes a step back, losing Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.

And the Giants– this is a reference to the movie “Stepbrothers”– boats and woes.

– Wow. Did you come up with that one?

– Pretty good. NFC North– Packers–

– Oh, my gosh.

– Packers– please stop relaxing. Listen, Aaron, it’s the best roster you’ve had since the Super Bowl team. No excuses. Get to the NFC championship. Vikings– handle with care. If Bradford is healthy, I think they’re a playoff team.

Lions– worth the dough. Say what you want about Matt Stafford. Since the merger in 1970, no quarterback had a year with more fourth-quarter comebacks. Bears– Trubisky or false-bisky. That is, frankly, awful. And I fought that for 20 minutes in our morning meeting.

– Sounds like a biscuit.

– It sounds like a lot of things that don’t make sense. NFC West– 9ers– under new management. And I like it. I think they’re going to be really, really interesting defensively. Cardinals– old guys rule. Bruce Arians, Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald are the face of the franchise. Seahawks– rinse and repeat. Once again, completely stacked on defense. Once again, the Legion of Boom, not the offense, will lead them.

Rams– Goff or Goff-ful? We’ll know by about week 6. Carolina Panthers– return of SuperCam. I think he has a bounce-back year. Saints– old Orleans Saints. It’s getting old too. Can you play some defense? Any defense? Stop a run occasionally?

Tampa Bay– Jameis or Jame-isn’t. It is the step-up year for Jameis Winston. Please cut down on the picks. And Falcons– I think they take a step back, 28 to 3. Super Bowl hangover about to happen.

To the AFC– let’s start in the South, Tennessee Titans– marvelous Marcus Mariota. The kid is special. He’s quiet. He goes out with teammates, does not drink. He is always the ride home. I like his focus. I like his durability. He got hurt last year, but he’s a strong kid that’s mobile. And I really think Tennessee has a terrific 10 years, looking forward.

Texans– Watt, Watson, and watch. Could be a surprise team here. J.J. Is back. Deshaun Watson, I think, ends up being a franchise quarterback– maybe not great, but a franchise quarterback. Colts– been saying it six months– the lost year. Luck– I don’t believe plays until October. And the Jaguars– well, they are London’s best team.

AFC West– let’s start with the Raiders. Car is repaired– this is an offensive-led team. Derek Carr, to me, is the closest thing to Aaron Rodgers in the NFL– brains, arm, feet. Chiefs– Mahomes sweet Mahomes. I think Andy Reid found himself a player that he’s going to fall in love with at quarterback. Wouldn’t be shocked if he starts later in the year.

Broncos– could Peyton unretire potentially here? We’ve got an issue. I don’t really like any of their quarterbacks. And it just goes to show you, the guidance, maturity, and expertise of Peyton Manning– as I say that– it wouldn’t be the worst idea in Denver.

And the Chargers– stuck in traffic. Come on. I don’t know what to make of this football team. I like their defensive front. I like their running backs. I like their quarterback. I like their head coach. They’re in total flux. They’re playing in a soccer stadium.

AFC East– Buffalo– Rex, Rob have been removed. Dolphins– smoking Jay Cutler. Say what you want. I think they’re going to be a playoff team. Patriots– 16 and 0. Jets– 0 and 16.

And finally, the AFC North– the Steelers– I believe they’re the Patriots’ only threat in the AFC. Tremendous at home, explosive dynamic offensive playmakers, And a really talented– albeit young– defense. I like Pittsburgh a lot. Ravens– Flacco elite nevermore. We’re so clever. Edgar Allan Poe references always make this.

Bengals– it’s the same three words I used last year– playmakers on three.


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