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– LA could be happy, Oakland could be happy. You want to know the happiest city in America this morning? Cleveland. Yeah. Not Oklahoma City, they should be. Not LA, they should be. Not Oakland, they should be.

The happiest city– there’s a live shot we’re watching right now. That is a live shot of Cleveland. They’re having a parade this morning in Cleveland. I swear to you that’s a live shot. JR Smith has his shirt off. That is a live shot in Cleveland.

Do you want to know why? Did you watch the Lakers last night? You know how I’ve been talking about LeBronzo for the last four months? I’m sure it’s going to happen. LeBron James, gonna go to the Lakers, LeBronzo. I’ve been talking about that for months. OK, months, and months, and months, I think Lebronzo could happen. I’m changing it now to NoBronzo.


COLIN COWHERD: It’s not happening. In the last three days since the NBA season started, Boston with an injury is now no threat to Cleveland. It’ll never be easier. LeBron can rest. Jeremy Lin got hurt for Brooklyn, meaning that unprotected pick the Cavs have for Kyrie Irving is now better. And the Lakers have regressed.

Listen man, there are moments in life that you don’t need a lot of data. You can go on a date and he’s smart, and he’s handsome, and he does well. But he says something and you’re like, oh my god, what a turnoff. He’s a dope. He doesn’t get the joke.

I remember when I chose Fox Sports. I sat there for months and months. Where am I going to go, where am I going to go? I watched the World Cup coverage. It was a 30 second clip. I turned to my daughter and I said, I’m going to go work for Fox Sports. They look like they’re having fun. The place I’m working at’s not having as much fun anymore.

LeBron James is sitting watching that stuff last night. The Lakers have no identity. It’s Brook Lopez babysitting nine kids. The Lakers are young, thin, frail, defensively atrocious. LeBron’s not going there. The number one pick from Brooklyn’s going to be better. Boston’s not going to be good for the next year to year and a half.

And Lebron’s always had the ability to recruit veterans. And I think the lineup he has right now is the best he’s had. Brandon Ingram is not elevating. Julius Randle of the Lakers is the NBA’s biggest meh. And LeBronzo is not physically ready in the Western Conference to make a difference.

There are brief moments in life, you’ve all had them, on a date, deciding to move your family. You’ve all had those moments. Why do you decide to take a new job, to marry a woman or a man? It’s a moment. LeBron was sitting on a couch last night somewhere watching that, probably with his fam, and going, oh, hell no. LeBronzo, this morning, is NoBronzo.


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