Female photographers capture combat sports’ personal (and bloody) moments – Los Angeles Times

Women aren’t only headlining more main events in combat sports these days. They’re also surrounding the cage and ring, turning in some of the finest photography in both mixed martial arts and boxing.

Esther Lin of MMAFighting.com and Showtime, Amanda Westcott and Stephanie Trapp of Showtime, and Liz Kreutz of Top Rank are constants at major bouts, producing work that’s disseminated worldwide.

Inglewood’s Lin, a UCLA Film and Television School product, is a dynamo considered by many of her peers as the premier mixed martial arts photographer.

“I feel like I bring empathy [to fighting],” Lin said. “There’s times I feel bad even as I’m taking the photograph. One of my mentors, he’ll be shooting a fight and tears are streaming down his face. Emotion is part of it, and I’ve always gotten wrapped up in that part of it.”


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