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‘I’ve been in this sport 19 years, been a world champion 18 years, broke all the records. There’s nothing else to prove in the sport of boxing.

“My 49-0 is part of boxing. Records are made to be broken. Hopefully, some day we can find the next Floyd Mayweather.”

He added: “I’m leaving the sport with all my faculties; I’m still sharp and smart.”

“I’ve accomplished everything in this sport, there’s nothing left to accomplish. Money doesn’t make me. I make money.”

Mayweather, who has made an estimated $650 million in career earnings, added: “Now it’s time to spend time with my family and children, make sure they get the proper education. I also want to help the fighters under the Mayweather banner.”

Mayweather was rarely challenged over the 12 rounds by Berto, showing all the skill, movement, timing and adjustments which mark him out as one of the greatest of all time. But not ‘The Best Ever’, as he and his fans refer to him as.

The Best Ever moniker must surely go to Sugar Ray Robinson, who fought over twenty hall of famers, lost only once – to ‘Raging Bull’ Jake LaMotta – in his first 133 fights, and had five more fights with LaMotta, winning them all. In all he had 200 bouts. Record: 173-19-6.

For many, myself included, Mayweather sits in the Top 25 of all time. And we witnessed in 12 dominant rounds, there are few, if any, to truly challenge him in this era. And at 38 years of age, Mayweather is still a marvel.

Mayweather has been brilliantly matched since he entered his 30s. The last eight years have included wins over at least five future Hall of Famers – Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao – but he has faced plenty of up and comers.

Berto came into the ring determined and game, but Mayweather had his number from the start; he may not be the most exciting fighter – and Mayweather did try to entertain at the end – but as Berto admitted, “he’s just sneaky and smart”.

“You want to catch his ass, but he’s smart for a reason.”

Mayweather, who started fast and aggressive, added: “Andre Berto has heart and an amazing chin. He wouldn’t lay down. It was a good fight. Berto was a tough competitor, but experience played a major role tonight. I was the better man.”

Indeed, Mayweather proved that he still has sublime skills. The question many will be asking, in the hours and days and weeks after this fight – is that if he is still so good, why end it now ?

Mayweather may find that niggle itching him, too, over the next six months, with a new stadium two blocks away ripe to be christened with a fight event next year. Who knows ? 50-0 may yet be a temptation. But it all comes down to whether Mayweather can feel the challenge, the desire again. Manny Pacquiao is out of the picture and dealt with. The milestone of 49-0 has been reached.

Few have been able to walk away from boxing still at the top, but Mayweather may yet keep to his word. But only ‘Money’ Mayweather knows.


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