Gary Neville on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement, talking Loris Karius, Jurgen Klopp, the press: TV review –

Neil Ashton with the killer question: “What about Space Monkey?”

Gary Neville: “That was factually reported, albeit misinterpreted.”

Gary getting very exercised about journos spying on the training sessions

Gary Neville: “Betrayal, out of order, revealing set pieces. Leaks you can never stop. Was there a rota system of journalists spying on the training sessions, the tactics for set pieces?”

Henry Winter: “I don’t think there was a rota system.”

Gary Neville: “Come on, Henry. Come on. Revealing the team and the tactics, that was out of order. A fundamental breach of fairness.”

Oliver Holt: “Part of journalism is about reporting, finding things out and telling people what they want to know.”


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