In an era of specialty sports, a growing consensus encourages well-rounded young athletes – Baltimore Sun

As the father of three sports-loving children and president of the Elkridge Youth Organization, which operates a wide variety of sports programs, Chris Jakubek knows a thing or two about young people and sports.

One of the things he knows is that it’s better for a young person not to play the same sport year-round.

“It’s not good for their physical and mental development,” says Jakubek, who has a daughter in college and two sons at Howard High School. “I could probably name three or four kids off the top of my head whose parents pushed them into one sport, and you know what the kids did? They burned out. They decided not to play that sport in college or pursue it that aggressively in high school.

“We looked for opportunities to put our kids in multiple sports. … We wanted them to go out and enjoy sports, and it worked out overwhelmingly well for them.”


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